The Problem


Cannabis strains THC Levels went from 2%, all the way to 31%+, that’s a 15X in the past 80 years. The industry has enhanced its psychoactive properties to make it more potent and addictive.  

Soon THC levels will reach 40%+, which is completely insane and dangerous for our mental health.  Sadly these modified cannabis plants producing high levels of THC are incapable of producing much CBD (the protective component). 

As result, we get super psychoactive effects, sacrificing the plants' original health benefits, and ruining the entire balance!

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We are on a mission to bring you Premium Hemp products

That helps achieve a Clever Mind and a Healthy Body. 


Brothers, nowadays we face a huge problem:

Cannabis is becoming an addiction, rather than a solution


God created a totally balanced cannabis plant

But the industry is corrupting it, to be more potent & addictive

Psychoactive cannabinoids such as THC are being increased (in new strains)

Yet Non-psychoactive ones like CBD are being reduced (in new strains)

High potency THC marijuana is slowly destroying our mental health 

Leading to anxiety, depression, psychosis, and other bad side effects


Brothers, we should maintain a clever mind and a healthy body

That’s why we partner with farmers that grow organic Δ-9 THC free hemp 

Rich in non-psychoactive cannabinoids such as CBD

We are committed to keeping the hemp plants natural growth conditions

So we can enjoy its balanced health benefits 


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