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What is CBN?

Cannabinol (CBN)

Cannabinol, or CBN, is what tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) will break down into over time due to exposure to oxygen, UV light, or heat. After breaking down CBN will become only mildly psychoactive, inducing little to no psychoactive effects. However, just because this cannabinoid isn’t very psychoactive doesn’t mean it isn’t potent.

What are CBN’s Effects and Benefits?

CBN, offers a unique profile of effects and benefits that have researchers buzzing for more scientific investigation. CBN is the strongest cannabinoid identified for promoting sleep, which makes cannabis rich in CBN an ideal treatment for insomnia. Indica strains appear to have more CBN than sativa strains, which would explain the commonly held belief that indicas make you sleepy and give you a body high. According Steep Hill Labs, 5mg of CBN is as effective as 10mg dose of diazepam, a mild pharmaceutical sedative. For those of you who rely on cannabis to resolve a night of tossing and turning, a little CBN would might do you some good. CBN is a CB2 and CB1 receptor agonist (a chemical that binds to a receptor and activates the receptor to produce a biological response).

“5mg of CBN is as effective as 10mg dose of diazepam” – Steep Hill Labs

Other benefits of CBN include:

  • Analgesic – Relieves pain.

  • Anti-Insomnia – Aids with sleep.

  • Bone Stimulant – Promotes bone growth by stimulating osteocytes.

  • Antibacterial – Slows bacterial growth.

  • Anti-inflammatory – Reduces inflammation systemically.

  • Anti-Epileptic – Reduces seizures and convulsions.

  • Appetite Stimulant – CBN appears to be a mild appetite stimulant.

  • Anti-Emetic – Reduces vomiting and nausea.

  • Anti-Proliferative – Inhibits cancer cell growth.

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